I’ve truly appreciated Ed’s professionalism, courtesy and talent in designing our materials. I look forward to working more with him in the future. - Mark S

Dave R

I highly recommend Ed Hall for any position you may be considering him for. I worked with Ed while I was the Marketing Communications Designer with Sparks. Although Ed and I worked in separate departments (in the same room) we did work closely together on quite a few projects. During that time he made a huge impact on much of Spark's top-tier client work as well as Spark's company’s branding and web presence. As a graphic designer, Ed is an amazing talent! He has an incredible eye for design and the know-how to put his ideas to paper. If needed, Ed will accept any and all feedback you may have to take each project to the next level. He knows many different techniques and is constantly trying to improve himself by learning more. As web designer, Ed totally revamped the look and content layout of the Sparks web site as well as optimized it for better readability by Google and other search engines. He changed Sparks' presence from a flat, hard-to-update flash site, to an extremely beautiful piece that was easy to update by users that had little to no design skill. The site not only looked better but also functioned better than originally expected. In addition to having excellent graphic and web skills, Ed was also a great team player. He eagerly participated with the other members of the design team as well as anyone else that needed him, sharing his ideas and expertise. If you would like any more information about Ed, please feel free to contact me directly (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address))

Brian M

I worked with Ed on numerous projects while at Sparks. As a designer, he brought significant creative energy and artistic flair to clients' brands with a relentless focus on their core, defining elements. Our team could consistently rely on him to sit in on briefings on a client's requirements, goals and constraints and come back with a stunning result, ranging from printed/digital collateral to event market-oriented signage to experiential stimuli. A combination of unique aesthetics, artistic license, integrity and business value is a rare thing, and it's what you get working with Ed. If you want an artist with a deep understanding of your brand and a knack for bringing it out in eye-catching, experience-enhancing ways, he's your man.

Michael P

Ed Hall is the best graphic/web designer in the Greater Philadelphia region, and I know that he will be successful at expanding his services nationally, because his process and product are not to be beat by anyone else that I've met in the industry. Ed is creative, a team-player when need be and a leader when one is missing. He is detailed oriented, but what's wonderful is that he can stand back and see the whole picture - what a complete brand or marketing campaign will look like when it's complete and the components that are necessary to ensure a truly successful end result. Ed is available and timely with his designs and delivery. It's important to me that the vendors and companies I work with care about the community and giving back, and Ed is incredibly dedicated to several causes and community projects. Ed is much more than consistent - he is exceptional in all the ways that a designer should be - inventive, personable, and five steps ahead of what's currently trending. It would be a mistake to go with any other designer for your print, digital, or web design needs.

Matthew R

Ed road to our rescue on a very special project in a very tight time frame. With limited resources or explanation, he designed marketing material for a promotional event my organization was throwing - one that was a success and incredibly well-attended thanks to his amazing material. Ed is creative, communicative, and clever.

Michael B

Ed is not only highly professional but he is easy to work with and collaborate with. He delivers the work on time and on budget - will hire him again in a heartbeat.

Brad W

I enlisted Ed's services after talking with him about business cards. Not only did he give me a great design at a great price, he also explained the significance and the impact of the business card, with regards to what he could produce for me. I have not been disappointed and have received many compliments on the cards. Ed is a reliable and creative choice for any work he is contracted to do.

Mel O

Ed Hall exceeded our expectations with the graphic design work he delivered in support of our non-profit event promotion. We were able to collaborate on the concept and fine tune the idea and language while making our deadline. Our event was a success and we will definitely work with Ed again and recommend him to other non-profits and community organizations in the future.

Aiden J

Ed Hall's work for our record label's national ad campaign was brilliant. he captured the perfect feel, image & design for our posters, very quickly I might add