Challenge: To conceptualize, plan and manage a series of events for Broder to replace their normal tradeshow regimen that would encourage networking between customers and vendors, educate customers about new trends in the industry, and generate awareness of new distribution centers.

Solution:An experience that was thoughtful, elegant and engaging. Five distinct areas highlighted intervals in Good Shepherd’s history and created the illusion of a “journey through time”. The journey began with an invitation that looked like an airline ticket and ensued as guests crossed a red-carpeted bridge and received a passport to guide them through the event. Actors, props, music, food and beverages were themed according to each era, stimulating all five senses and immersing guests in the experience. At each destination, actors stamped guests’ passports with an image related to that time period and used large graphics displaying Good Shepherd’s milestones to engage guests in conversation and activities. A dress code of Black Tie and sneakers and the overall event layout allowed for ease of foot traffic and a rain-contingency plan quickly brought the event indoors when rain began to fall after dinner.

Notes:Garnering over 500 attendees, Good Shepherd’s Gala in the Garden was a resounding success. The theme was seamlessly integrated into all elements of the experience and the severe thunderstorm was handled flawlessly. Good Shepherd executives reported that this experience set the bar for future events and that they are considering hosting an event like this annually.