Challenge: Build up the brand's push into high-def and its capability of providing 100 HD channels and to give attendees a feel for the service.

Solution: With a focus on immersion, we formed the 3,000 square foot space into a setting that was peaceful, illuminating and totally focused on HD. The uni-directional space was designed in such a way that attendees were given a moment to accustom themselves to an environment filled with 100 monitors, ranging in size from 37 to 52 inches and set up to appear as if floating in a dark space. Interactive spotlights throughout focused audio from screens in front of attendees. Near the end, the brand advertised its DIRECTV exclusive content-including the popular soap "Passions"-in a room connected to the exhibit.

Notes: DIRECTV experienced record breaking attendance over 4,000 attendees and was a hot topic for a vast number of bloggers.