Challenge: To conceptualize, plan and manage a series of events for Broder to replace their normal tradeshow regimen that would encourage networking between customers and vendors, educate customers about new trends in the industry, and generate awareness of new distribution centers.

Solution: Three private events in large US cities near one of Broder's new distribution centers. Each event included a complete stage set for industry experts to present educational seminars, and product display areas for retail brands to show off their branded Broder products. Models roamed the events wearing branded apparel in an interactive fashion show, facilitating sales to attendees. Individual event highlights include indoor putting greens, live entertainment, a former Chicago Bears player signing autographs and a happy hour party on a 20th century, restored, four-masted sailing ship.

Notes: Over 1,125 collective attendees for this Open House event series; 300 in Chicago, 325 in Orlando, and over 500 in record-breaking attendance in Philadelphia. Participation in the education sessions was ten times higher than expected and the average account size was nearly double the value anticipated. Following the event series, Broder saw a 32% increase in sales.

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